Say I do to Clipbook and plan your way to the Perfect Day.

What if you start a wedding binder to plan the best day of your life?

Clipbook wedding planner

Make planning your wedding easier with the handy pages included in your Clipbook.
Keep everything in one place: create a scrapbook of wedding magazine articles, samples and color chart to get inspired.

Filofax Clipbook Diary Refillsr

Save the date!
Use our month planner to keep everything on schedule leading up to the wedding.
Start to plan the Big Day 12 to 14 month ahead, and make sure to have everything under control.

Filofax Clipbook Square Refillsr

Big day on the horizon?
Look after the details; our square pages are perfect for budgets. Holding a wedding especially in an urban center could turn relatively expensive for a young couple. Think ahead to plan how to allocate efficiently your expenses. From venue decoration to catering, track everything to fit your budget goal.

Filofax Clipbook Diary Refillsr

Is everything going well?
With so much to organize and remember, create checklists and reminders with ease.
Do not get swamped by the amount of tasks to take care of and details to arrange. Take it easy! Define your priorities and master your scheduling details.
You will compete with the best wedding organizers!

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