Take the perfect travel companion with you…

Turn your Filofax Notebook into a completely customizable travel journal!

Filofax Travel Notebook

Don't forget your toothbrush!

Jot down to-do lists, reminders and list of items to pack, and keep all that essential information in one place.

What's on your itinerary?

Culinary specialties to taste, monuments to visit, and districts to explore… do not miss anything!.
Plan your itinerary and collect places of interest for an unforgettable trip. When planning a travel, transport could require considerable logistics.
Add your maps, transport timetables, and car rental booking information to your Filofax Notebook, thanks to the dedicated hole punch.

Filofax Notebooks Pocket Indices

Collect mementos along the way. Use the pocket indices for tickets, photos and keepsakes.

Do not forget that personalized and organized travels are the best ones!