Clipbook is a unique patented innovation, that provides the simplicity of a notebook without the limitations of being bound. Pull the cover to open the rings and let the customization begin.
  • Clipbook Classic Pastels A5 Notebook

  • Clipbook Classic Pastels Personal Notebook

  • Clipbook Architexture A5 Notebook

    Price From: $35.99
  • Clipbook Architexture Personal Notebook

    Price From: $31.19
  • Pastel Jack
    Out of stock
  • Clipbook Saffiano Fluoro A5 Notebook

    Price From: $38.39
  • Clipbook Patterns A5 Notebook

  • Clipbook Patterns Personal Notebook

  • Clipbook Saffiano Metallic A5 Notebook

  • Clipbook Classic A5 Notebook

  • Clipbook Classic Personal Notebook

  • Clipbook Gummy A5 Notebook