After popular demand, we thought it was time to bring out some more of your favourite lifestyle refills. Life is all about balance, and that's exactly what we want to bring more of with our new refills. Designed for keeping an organized home, while also making sure you make time for going out into the world to create beautiful memories. Check out the video below to find out more.


A strong and irresistible impulse or desire to travel and explore the world. Meet your new planning companion for weekends away to overseas adventures, capture every detail from start to finish with the amazing pages included in our travel refills.

You don't always have to rack up air miles to get away. There is beauty in all corners of the world. Our packing list section is perfect for making sure you remember the essentials for a camping trip, spa weekend or romantic break.

Yearly getaway
Whether you prefer the beach or an adventure fuelled trip, plan each day with the itinerary planner. The best part about getting away are the excursions and of course the restaurants, keep all of this information in the bookings area.

The world is your oyster
This travel refill is perfect for documenting multiple journeys around the globe. From gap years to ticking off your travel goals, complete them all with pages for your bucket list, expenses and a 'belongs to' page.

Filofax Travel Planner Refills for Organisers, Clipbook and Notebooks


Clean your space, clear your mind. Discover our household refills. A planner that will help you stay on top of your life and finally get everything you have been putting off done.

Daily refresh
It can sometimes feel overwhelming running a household. Feel organized and build a better routine with the following features, cleaning tracker, laundry schedule and dry cleaning.

Weekly chores
We all know how annoying it is to miss a bin collection. Ensure you always keep on top of your waste and recycling with the bin schedule. Track any repairs in the maintenance log and easily tick off your chores.

Monthly to-dos
There are certain jobs that we either delay doing or that only need to be done monthly. This refill is perfect for keeping track of utility bills, expenses and even has a section for storing information for your plumber or builder.

Filofax Household Planner Refill for Organisers, Clipbook and Notebooks

Discover the full range
Look for the magic in your daily routine with our lifestyle refills.

Activity Planner | Meal Planner | Projects & Goals Tracker | Wellness Tracker | Expense Tracker

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